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My Day

作者(来源):四4班 陈子龙    发布时间:2011-09-30

       Hello, my name is Peter.  This is my day. I have a busy day.  My Saturday morning is very busy.  Every Tuesday, Im always busy.  Im always busy on Monday. I always get up at six oclock.  I usually brush my teeth and wash my face at a quarter past seven.   I sometimes have breakfast at half past seven.  But I never go to school at eight oclock because it is too late.   When I come back home from school.  Im always busy. )First, I do my homework.  Its very easy for me.  Second, I wash my hands and have dinner.  Then I watch TV and do a puzzle.  After that, its seven fifty.  I do some exercises in English and maths.  Its eight fifty-nine now.   Its time for bed.  Im going to sleep. After I sleep and wake up, the next day begins!